On being Germanized

Image if you will … it’s 20:15 on a Sunday evening in Germany. Anywhere in Germany. Anywhere at all in Germany really. The show is on. Tatort. The familiar flickering of the super sized boob tubes cast their long familiar ambient spells and stun their captive audience into a mute fascination. It begins …

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It’s only TV I know … and TV is furniture but it’s the fun kind of furniture to sit and watch. Germans love watching their TVs. Especially on Sunday evenings when Germany’s longest running crime series airs. Tatort first aired in November 29, 1970 and continues to this  day.Funny thing is I remember this show from it’s black and white days when I was still a younger lad.

And I believe that now that I’ve begun to settle into the weekly viewing habit, and rather anticipating the next show that I’m beginning to become more German. You see, it’s tradition in many households to watch this sometimes riveting crime scene murder investigation.

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Watch Tatort on Sundays and investigate together here with us at 20:15

And yes it is a little different than the run of the mill ‘mercan crime shows. I find that this show in particular makes the viewer think a bit as she/he tries to figure out the current case and what makes this show rather interesting is the fact that often an unanticipated twist takes you places you weren’t anticipating. That’s one of the reasons I like the show.

No, I don’t always like the episodes but that’s to be expected but I’ve come to like this or that detective duo and the particular chemistry that make them work, or not work.

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And in the months preceding my move back to Germany a couple of years ago, I used Youtube to watch as many of the online shows as I could to get the language back into my ear and head. Now that that’s in there my Sunday evenings are scheduled, ha.

It’s always interesting to discover what kind of a story and writers came up with. See you on  the couch next Sunday evening; German style.

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sunday stream of reality

ah … blues playing on itunes, coffee dripping through a white paper filter into my large morning cup. Lead guitar pecking at and bending those goose-bump strings, a gravely voice squealing about sundown nightlife, blue sky obscured by serious grey cloud cover, showing its ragged underside, oblivious to the invisible mountains just minutes to the north; where tall evergreen drag and tear at the dense cloud stuff.

sip of hot coffee now

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Overcast in Burnaby Alley

that’s what it looks like out there now, a black and white kind of day and that is a good thing.

©iphoneographythis  2011©myronunrau

Blue Underground Vans

Side by side retro Van stylings

©iphoneographythis 2011©myronunrau

Alley Sky View

Alley walks can reveal more about the neighborhood than the street view.

©iphoneographythis  2011©myronunrau

Old School Style House

It is interesting how some building styles can trigger childhood memories and transport backwards in time for a few fragments of memory.

©iphoneographythis  2011©myronunrau

As Seen TV

There is that weird brand name ‘Zenith’

©iphoneographythis  2011©myronunrau

Gutter Weather Blues

Gutter shot of low gutter cloud

©iphoneographythis  2011©myronunrau

Wall and Window over Grass

Retro sheds or garages, alley buildings can be interesting

©iphoneographythis  2011©myronunrau

Insta Special Style

Blink twice and there are more of these cookie cutter shoe box houses. Devoid of character or any charm at all.

©iphoneographythis  2011©myronunrau

Burnaby Apartment Building

Minimalist style design, if you don’t look you won’t see it.

©iphoneographythis  2011©myronunrau

Springing Color

Looking down can bring a smile to your face