Yester Day


Old Fence Old Window

Sunny Park Day East Vancouver, BC

Aging Darkly


sunday stream of reality

ah … blues playing on itunes, coffee dripping through a white paper filter into my large morning cup. Lead guitar pecking at and bending those goose-bump strings, a gravely voice squealing about sundown nightlife, blue sky obscured by serious grey cloud cover, showing its ragged underside, oblivious to the invisible mountains just minutes to the north; where tall evergreen drag and tear at the dense cloud stuff.

sip of hot coffee now

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Overcast in Burnaby Alley

that’s what it looks like out there now, a black and white kind of day and that is a good thing.

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Blue Underground Vans

Side by side retro Van stylings

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Alley Sky View

Alley walks can reveal more about the neighborhood than the street view.

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Old School Style House

It is interesting how some building styles can trigger childhood memories and transport backwards in time for a few fragments of memory.

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As Seen TV

There is that weird brand name ‘Zenith’

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Gutter Weather Blues

Gutter shot of low gutter cloud

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Wall and Window over Grass

Retro sheds or garages, alley buildings can be interesting

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Insta Special Style

Blink twice and there are more of these cookie cutter shoe box houses. Devoid of character or any charm at all.

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Burnaby Apartment Building

Minimalist style design, if you don’t look you won’t see it.

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Springing Color

Looking down can bring a smile to your face