Yester Day


Old Fence Old Window

Sunny Park Day East Vancouver, BC

Aging Darkly



10 Tips

1. Take care of yourself, it is your power

2. Do what makes you happy, you know what that is

3. Be honest

4. Live love if you have it in your life

5. Smile when you’re out and about

6. Pay attention to Karma, she’s everywhere

7. Don’t visit  Vancouver, BC, it ALWAYS rains

8. Change yourself, you can’t change others

9. Look up or around, real life is lived away from your ‘device’

10. Don’t believe everything you think, or everything you read or hear


Driving & Mortality

All images ©myronunrau

Visiting road side memorials …


Tandem past Mortal Reminder


Moving on


Unknown Intersection


Youth and Consequences


Backview of Cross against Traffic

One day I stopped at a road side memorial. I wanted to know more.


Red Truck Passing


Memory Roadside Marker

These memorials are  sad affairs, dots of sorrow along the spiderweb of paved asphalt. Some are along quiet picturesque country lanes, others along fast and merciless hard shoulders of city highways, while others quietly adorn a lampstandard or traffic light post or telephone post in the middle of a small town, near a elementary school or next to the bus stop you know near where you live. You probably know of a spot adorned by the plastic flowers, the endless love and constant heart ache felt by those who can’t accept or understand the ‘why’ and what that caused their grief and the death of a loved one.


messages to the newly dead


Wal of Wood


Yellow Taxi, Red Flowers and walking woman


Some Humor in it


For Daddy


In the Country Setting

And often it remains unknown to anyone but next of kind and friends what actually happened out there.


Love in Flowers on Pole

Grief and love in flowers


At the End of The Day Flowers

… Memmories


Quote for This Day

“The weirder you’re going to behave, the more normal you should look.  It works in reverse, too.  When I see a kid with three or four rings in his nose, I know there is absolutely nothing extraordinary about that person.”
P.J. O’Rourke (1947 – ) American political satirist