Quote for This Day

“The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.”
Mark Twain, aka Samuel Langhorne Clemens (1835 –1910) American author and humorist


10 Tips

1. Take care of yourself, it is your power

2. Do what makes you happy, you know what that is

3. Be honest

4. Live love if you have it in your life

5. Smile when you’re out and about

6. Pay attention to Karma, she’s everywhere

7. Don’t visit  Vancouver, BC, it ALWAYS rains

8. Change yourself, you can’t change others

9. Look up or around, real life is lived away from your ‘device’

10. Don’t believe everything you think, or everything you read or hear

When Shit Happens

Lemonade Option

We’ve all experienced it … bad timing. When things are going along rather well when all of a sudden something unforeseen forced its way center-stage and won’t exit stage left. Not immediately anyhow.

That is shit happening. That is life pinching us. That is why the saying exists ‘Shit happens’. We may not want these painful pinches or shit happening to us, but it is the yin for the yang, the balance between the good and bad things in life. It is all part of the whole. The shit happening is not the whole of our life experience and that is what should be meditated upon when you find yourself in front of the proverbial fan.

Sometimes those unexpected events turn our worlds upside down and we sometimes end up struggling like a wild kitten tangled up in a loose skein of yarn in a valiant attempt to disengage from the unpleasantness. We rage and vent, we feel frustration and other weird emotions that accompany the unexpected pit stops in life. Thing is, we do not have total control over how our lives play out. Sure, we wish we could and sometimes we think we do, but sometimes a monkey wrench finds its way into the mechanism of our existence.

Chin up people of this planet, things will always get better. The sun sets but it always rises and brings a new day, a new possibility and a new outlook. It is within us all to strive for and choose the positive even when faced with a wheelbarrow full of lemons.

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Robson Street Alarm Evacuation

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Life lived Consciously

Life as we know it is beautiful, awkward, rewarding, freaky, easy, difficult, hard, frustrating, interesting, exciting, demotivating, intense, frightening, fun, not so fun, thrilling, chilling, amazing, eye opening and humbling. That said, I probably missed a few descriptors but you can fill those in from your own experiences.

We all go through various stages in our sojourn in this form as humans and thankfully we don’t all experience the same thing at the same time, nor do we all fit into cookie cutter shapes that make us the same. No, we all have our ups and downs. Sometimes up and sometimes down and sometimes both at the same time as circumstances dictate our experiences.

You know what they say about every cloud having a silver lining … I think there’s something to that because out of the blue, that pure light of love shone its light on me; nearly blinding me. When I accepted it and opened myself to it, my heart filled with indescribably happiness and joy. My wow moment. That love is what drives me. I like it, she rocks my world. Every single struggle, hurdle, every moment of doubt or worry is diminished and transformed into just another step bathed in that light.

I am now in an exciting stage of metamorphosis/reinvention. It is a struggle and at times physical/mentally/emotionally hard process but also a very deliberate choice to consciously renew my human experience. I once read a quote that stated that one can not rewrite ones beginning, but one can write the ending. So true and so I am setting out to write that bit, not to let it just happen, no. My inner voice (what my heart is telling me) is a gentle and constant reminder of that.

Why am I writing this? To say that there is always hope, that there is always the unexpected when things appear to become too dim. I write this to say ‘Chin up‘, you have what it takes to overcome and move forward.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Live and love like you mean it . Happiness rocks and true love … well, I wish that experience for every sentient being.

Quote for This Day

The Possible’s slow fuse is lit
By the Imagination.
Emily Dickinson, (1830 – 1886)  American poet

sunday stream of reality

ah … blues playing on itunes, coffee dripping through a white paper filter into my large morning cup. Lead guitar pecking at and bending those goose-bump strings, a gravely voice squealing about sundown nightlife, blue sky obscured by serious grey cloud cover, showing its ragged underside, oblivious to the invisible mountains just minutes to the north; where tall evergreen drag and tear at the dense cloud stuff.

sip of hot coffee now

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Overcast in Burnaby Alley

that’s what it looks like out there now, a black and white kind of day and that is a good thing.

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Blue Underground Vans

Side by side retro Van stylings

©iphoneographythis 2011©myronunrau

Alley Sky View

Alley walks can reveal more about the neighborhood than the street view.

©iphoneographythis  2011©myronunrau

Old School Style House

It is interesting how some building styles can trigger childhood memories and transport backwards in time for a few fragments of memory.

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As Seen TV

There is that weird brand name ‘Zenith’

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Gutter Weather Blues

Gutter shot of low gutter cloud

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Wall and Window over Grass

Retro sheds or garages, alley buildings can be interesting

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Insta Special Style

Blink twice and there are more of these cookie cutter shoe box houses. Devoid of character or any charm at all.

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Burnaby Apartment Building

Minimalist style design, if you don’t look you won’t see it.

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Springing Color

Looking down can bring a smile to your face