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We’ve never met and you don’t know me. That said, how can you possibly know what is best or good for me? I don’t know you … why would I tell you how to live your life  or what to do. What’s good for you is good for you. Live your life. I live mine, thank you kindly.
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There are a wide variety of trees in Canada, tall, short, wide, skinny, and mostly green. I’d hazard a guess that there are Brazilions of them. More than I could count. Hell, I can’t even remember how many I personally stuffed into mother earths’ skin the summer I tree planted. The west is generally green all year round, what with all those evergreen trees congregating in dense groups called forests or woods. If you’re looking for the pretty colorful Canadian fall calendar type scenics, you will find it more in the central to the eastern regions of this land.

However many trees types that make up our countries lumber supply littering this contries’ garden wildernesses, national parks, provincial parks and city parks as permanent shade givers and landscape features, there is a place where those suckers simply don’t grow well or at all.

Separating the bit of Canada with lots of trees and the bit without is something called the ‘Tree Line’; see the squiggly green line on the graphic for visual aid.

Squiggly Northern Canadian Tree-Line (image curtesy of http://www.ece.gov.nt.ca website)

It might all be north as far as you’re concerned or south depending on where you are reading this from right now, but if you’re north of that line, you’ll know it because you can’t climb the shrubbery excuses that pass for trees up there. It’s the frosty cold grip of the climate up there that tends to be a tree killer because it freezes the tree sap, zapping them to death with the freezer effect.

There also are other types of tree lines, but I wanted to draw your attention to this green one in particular.

©iphoneographythis 2012©myronunrau

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Dear reader … I am Canadian and being a Canadian, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my country Canada. I will do this by serving up one at a time tid-bits of information and factoids that you might or might not have known about ‘us’. Enjoy … eh?!

Fact: Canada is a huge country with a varied geography and a wide variety of climates. The general area: 9.9 million sq. km. (3.8 million sq. mi.); not quite as big as the largest country in the world. The middle part is mostly flat expanses with rocky mountains in the west and lowlands in the southeast and wild rocky coastlines on the far eastern side. There is ocean water on three sides of us and our climates are just as varied as our landscapes; from temperate to arctic with hot parts too. No, it is not all one big snowy white-out and no, we are not just like Americans, our southern neighbors.

Distance without Relief

When people say things like “oh, that’s not that far” … look askance of them and grab a fist full of salt; they are most likely not even close to being factual or correct, even though hearing them say it made you feel good and positive.


“If it were truth, don’t you think I would believe it?”
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