Barcelona … small pics of a big city

My wife and I went to Barcelona last week. We did a lot of walking and looked around. The sunnier and warmer than home weather was nice. And the coffee … I miss that already.

Check out what I saw.

In my next blog post I’m going to try and capture my new found like for that famously tasty and just a bit addicting Spanish ‘jamon’. You may have heard about it 😉

Random Saturday

these images are a few of the things that grabbed my attention yesterday

2012©myronunrau, iphoneographythis©

The Saddle of Sore

time for padded pants

2012©myronunrau, ©iphoneographythis

Two Bicycles

2012©myronunrau, iphoneographythis©

Get on, ride

2012©myronunrau, iphoneographythis©

Parked and Waiting

Outcast Bicycle, Ready Ride & Pedestrian Indicators

 bicycleography© ©2012myronunrau

fallen bicycle outside the usual parked arrangement - think outside the norm

 bicycleography© ©2012myronunrau

Bicycle ready for ride - be prepared

 bicycleography© ©2012myronunrau

Worn Icon - be pedestrian

Painted on Light

Painted on Tail-light

Blue Visor Vision

Transportation in Red

Motorcycle Retro

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis©

Old red Victoria motorcycle

Red cycling signage

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis© bycicleography©

Red cycling signage