iphoneography apps

Miphone Photo Apps

Over the course of the past couple of years I have come to appreciate and thoroughly enjoy the possibilities and options the iphone has brought to the world of photography. It has revitalized my enjoyment of photography even though I don’t shoot as much as I’d like at the moment.

My iphone is more of a photographic tool than a communications device, at least that is how I tend to use it and I am continually amazed by developments and improvements to apps that exist to further the art of iphoneography.

Today I’m going to open up my iphone camera bag to show some of the apps that I use on a semi regular basis; in no order of preference.

Camera Apps:
6×7, Hipstamatic, Camera Plus, Camera Prime, Vint B&W, TapShot, SpyPic, QuadCamera, qbro, HDR Fusion, Camera, Slow Shutter, TimeLapse Camera, 360 Panorama,

Editing/Processing Apps:
Snapseed, Iris PhotoSuite, Photofx, Photoforge,PicShop,Vignettr, Filterstorm, Impression, TiltShiftGen, Pixlromatic, Camera Flash, Noir, Film Lab, Infinicam, lo-mob, Perfectly Clear, Photo Annotate, PictureShow, TtVPhoto Studio, Adobe Photoshop Express, B&WLab,Phonto, Noir Photo, Frametastic, Halftone, MonoPhix,

Model Releases:
Easy Release

Light Meter:
Pocket Light Meter

… the options are nearly endless but you should remember that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should, when it comes to using everything that is now available as far as special FX etc. Beauty and perfection lie in the eye of the beholder after all and what I find to be a cool effect may not be to your liking.

The main thing is to satisfy your fun meter. Happy shooting.

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