Seen While Out and About

©iphoneographythis 2012©myronunrau

Dandelion Flowers and House with Porch

©iphoneographythis, 2012©myronunrau

Exposed Wall Art with New Construction

©iphoneographythis, 2012©myronunrau

Comb crossing Road, meets Cigarette Butt

and then I saw these blossoms do their pretty thing … some residential streets in Vancouver are lined with these joyful pink cherry blossom chapels.

©iphoneographythis, 2012©myronunrau

Pink Blossomed Tree

Pink harbingers of Vancouver Spring

©iphoneographythis, 2012©myronunrau

Pink Tree Blossom Detail

So very briefly so very delightful

©iphoneographythis, 2012©myronunrau

Looking Up at Pinkish Tree Blossoms

Delicate Tree flowers

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