canadiana 110

Hey, that Branta canadensis. The kinda brown goose looking bird.  The one with the long dark neck, black beak, black feet and the white bit under the chin; that one, yeah, that ours. The typical Canada Goose.

Vociferous Canadian Goose, image courtesy Google search

Average weight 1.1kg  – 8 kg (extreme weight for the giant canadian goose)
Average wingspan 127-173cm (2m for the giant version)

This bird breaks it down too. Across the wideness that is Canada, 11 subspecies with wingspans ranging from 90cm all the way to 2m for the giant Canada goose.

The male and females of a subspecies will always look alike.

Pair of Canada geese on the water, image curtesy google search

When flying in formation these geese will fly in a V shape to make it as efficient as possible to communicate and  perform directional changes to the whole group of flyers.

Canada Geese Flying - image ©Auburnxc

These birds can be found as far south as Mexico and the southern US states.

Solo Canada Goose, image google search

They probably use a lot of their 13 different calls on their long migratory flights that draw them closer together once a year; twice if you count the return trip.

Two Canada geese on water - image

But yeah … those are Canada geese.


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