Quote of this Day

  • You are always telling a dream. When do you dream it?
  • And if nothing is repeated in the same way, all things are last things.
  • To be in company is not to be with someone, but to be in someone.
  • My God, I have almost never believed in you, and yet I have always loved you.
  • I talk thinking that I shouldn’t talk: that is how I talk.
  • You do not have anything and still you would give me a world. I owe you a world.
  • You will find the distance that separates you from them by joining them.
  • Sometimes I find that misery is so vast that I am afraid of needling it.
  • A new pain enters and the old pains of the household receive it with their silence, not with their death.
  • I have come one step away from everything and here I stay, far from everything, one step away.
  • Suffering does not follow us. It goes before us.
  • Not everyone does evil, but everyone stands accused.
  • We have a world for each one, but we do not have a world for all.
  • If you are not going to change your route, why change your guide?
  • No one understands that you have given everything. You must give more.- Antonio Porchia, (1886 – 1968) Italian-born writer and poet,
    – Voces (1943)


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