Found in a Barn


Driving, walking or cycling through the charming smallish towns and villages of southern Germany, my eye thrills at discovering the unexpected, the rich and vaguely familiar day to day details that catch my eye. Details that speak the simple honesty of labor, of unyielding love of and for the land, the soil and the toil.

These trusty, time-worn work horses may not be the sexiest subject matter on the planet but I find them brutishly handsome and beautifully designed in their own right … old traktors, a short series.

Green Traktor Detail with red Wheel


Black and White square Detail


hipstamatic traktor parked


Black and White Huerliman Traktor Square


Red Porsche Traktor Hipstamatic


Parked behind Fencing


Parked in Open Barn Door


Thanks to hard working farmers who care about what they do.


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