We all knew there would be days like this

I braved the elements today to pursue my visual addiction to things bicycle, the fiercely chill elements of an unexpectedly wintery day made things tough and miserable. The following images were captured in the city of Basel, CH.

This is a bicycle city, riders relying on their metaled steeds for day to day transport rather than using them like fair weather cyclists who use the bicycle for fitness and leisure. No, none of that leisure two wheeled momentum was visible today; it was all grim going and determined forward motion, eyes pinched against the elements, jaws clenched and frozen fingers gripping cold handle bars claw like. Even in this weather, I saw bikes everywhere, all affected by the driving snows, each brutally cold metal frame chilled by biting winds and fallen ones nearly covered by drifting whiteness.

Brave souls amaze but don’t surprise me, those who face these elements as par for the course, part of their daily commute.

I offer feeble, painful applause to the hardy riders of this beautiful city … (I had to warm my numb fingers some how).

all images ©2012myronunrau + bicycleography© + iphoneography©

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis©

Riding to or from work could be more fun …

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis© bicycleography©

When Leaving the bike at home facing the wall would seem to the wiser choice …

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis© bicycleography©

Snow will cover all things eventually …

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis© bicycleography©

Spokes poking out of snow like roman numerals …

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis© bicycleography©

This is probably not going to keep your bicycle seat dry …

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis© bicycleography©

Fallen frame being gently obscured by cold uncaring driving snow…

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis© bicycleography©

Snow chain in park position…

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis© bicycleography©Wet steely swiss steed ...

Steely swiss two-wheeled steed …

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis© bicycleography©

Inanimately waiting…

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis© bicycleography©

Wheeled and bespoke d silhouette…

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis© bicycleography©

Parked parts …

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis© bicycleography©

and waiting, for a better day.

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