Beech Forest Avenue

Winter Beeches

I went walking. Yesterday. It was the last day of January. A light snow powder coated the now oddly greyish landscape. Chill wind blew along the tattered forest edge. I stepped into a different outside and sauntered quietly along semi sheltered forest paths and trails. Strong trees, thick towering smooth trunks with delicate limbs, impervious to the winter cold. This beech forest exuded calm. The winds did not follow inside.

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis©


Cold Beeches

Y snowy Beeches

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis©


Beech contrasts

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis©


Beech bark with snow

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis©


Lonely Trees

January Fields and Tree

©2012myronunrau iphoneographythis©


January fields, solitary trees and an indistinct forest shape


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