Winter Snow

Some love it, some hate it, the rest of us tollerate it. I’m in the tollerate camp on the seasonal white stuff.

I don’t much like snow; on the ground that is. I like it up in the mountains where it belongs, or on pretty postcard pictures and cheerful ski holiday advertizing. I used to ski and remember that special relationship I then had to snow.

Walking in/on the stuff is akin to walking on Sand, something else I am not too fond of; and besides who really enjoys that kind of groin work out. You know the feeling, getting home after a treacherous walk along the snow encrusted and lumpy iced sidewalk spotted with few and far between bare salted patches, where the going gets better for  a few steps and then suddenly your groin ‘antislip’ muscle technology is taxed to the max when you hit another slick patch and try to stay on your feet and/or at least keep your footing. Ok, so it’s a good work out, but lets agree that it is also involuntary.

I’ve lived in all kinds of winter weather areas, in places with normal winters, snow fall, snow staying on the ground for the prescribed winter time, in places with little snow an just cold temperatures and grey skys, and places with so much snow that it scares the crap out of you just watching it fall because shoveling the stuff becomes a full time job, and in places where rain replaces the white stuff.

My recent snow experiences are from the latter rainy places where the unexpected white stuff interferes with driving and general mobility of everyone.

I am betting that those larger furry canine pets love the change from rain to snow and the colder temperatures and enjoy the opportunity to test the winter coats they have to wear in every season.

When it does snow in those places where a steady winter rain is the norm, some people react in a very irrational way. Some think that just because they are in a big vehicle that they can drive in any situation like normal; except they rely too much on their vehicle and not their own skill in driving on snow. Others run screaming from their cars, abandoning them where they swerved to a stop in the white stuff, or where they got stuck and then there are those others who try to spin their tires and their way out of ‘being stuck’ with well intentioned but ill thought out ‘foot on the gas’ gusto. Others obviously have experience with the white stuff and know how to drive in it. An then there are some who declare that “my car/van/truck doesn’t drive in the snow” That one always makes me chuckle…. WTF? Of course your vehicle will deftly handle even those conditions if you know what you’re doing.  It is ‘you’ who do not know how to pilot your vehicle through these seasonal conditions properly. Still chuckling.

But why am I scribbling on about all the different reactions to snow on the ground? Cause I don’t like the stuff much, lol.




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