Love & Travel

You either love it or hate it. Travel I mean. We all do it for various reasons, but getting from here to there is the basic value that all travelers share.

If you travel, which is the issue on my fingertips right now and if you love AND travel, then you’re on the right track with this posting and that is what  I’ll be scribbling about today.

I love. I travel for love. I travel. My love travels; my love travels too. I don’t love to travel though. It is getting tired; the traveling. My love is not tired, not at all. It is wide awake.

I’m getting ready for another trip. It is my fifth to the same destination. I am used to the process, kind of. The suitcase has been hauled out of hiding and has been opened up and laid flat on the floor, ready to accept whatever I toss into it. When I’m done with that I’ll zip it up again.

Stevenson, Robert Louis (1850-94), Scottish writer once put it this way. “For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for tavel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” While I understand his sentiment, he had not the faintest idea of what travel would become in this day and age.  I concede that there are still those among us for whom travel is like what it was for that Scott Robert. Not for me. Nope. While it is true that I do not travel to go anywhere in particular as is the case for people going on their one and only, or infrequent special trips which become highlights of life, in my case it is both true and false.

Yes I am going to ‘somewhere’ which is dear to me, truth be told; I can not compare it to the new excitement of traveling to a place one has never been before. There is a difference here, a blunt difference. Do something once, it is special, do it a number of times, it becomes un-special, routine.

And yet a certain specialty accompanies every journey.

It is at times difficult to enjoy the journey, the mind set on the destination instead. This is my situation. Traveling these days is akin to suffering confined spaces, herded along with fellow travelers, an endurance test, a test of patience, a test of ones social mettle/graces and constant adaptation to circumstances into which one is thrust in the course of the journey.

Why do I do it? I travel for love and country; mostly for love. My heart lies in another country, my love lives in another country. I love in another country. I love another country. That is why I do it. I also do it because I can.

My flight departs in a few days time and I am not  yet packed; it’s like the deadline or Christmas shopping syndrome … postponed till the last minute, but I do get it done in good time. I’m careful that way. But gone are my days of stuffing full a large backpack and being ready to go. Now I use a hard case kind of like the one pictured below; actually that is the case I use.

Packing for a trip these days is no longer the carefree affair of fitting as much as suits the case, then sitting on top of all that stuff just to be able to zip it all closed again. Nope. It’s all about weight and that new fact of travel means that packing has become more demanding. 20kg is the new matra for world travel, hoping the gatekeepers at the check-in desk use their discretionary judgment on what and how much over the max allowable weight is ok.To me it means editing: select, analyze, arrange, assemble, check, choose, compile, condense, delete, discard, go-over, rearrange, fine-tune and finish. Or if I’m feeling lazy compile (pile of stuff), dump into open suitcase, zip it up. Done. That usually happens on the return leg of a trip, hehe.

You see, … and this is where it is simply silly … packing by the seat of my pants as it were, or how many pants do I really need to pack. I have no scale to use to check accumulating suitcase weight while packing.

Lest dear reader you will think that I am a poor traveler, I am not. I like what it does for me. It gets me from here to where I want to be. You see I am living a long distance relationship. It is working. I want o be with the one I love. And I need to travel to achieve that emotional satisfaction. And so I travel because we can not yet be together as ‘normal’ couples. We travel for love.

What makes it all worth it? The face, the smile, the eyes, the hug, that first kiss at the other end is as sweet as it gets … and then on the cusp of the homeward bound trip it tastes bittersweet, because heart is in two places.

love what you do, do what you love, choose love … even if it means to travel.

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