Pensive Boy and Rain with Bikes

about image:

I was walking back to my car in the increasing rain when I saw these childrens’ bicycles … I pulled out my camera device 😉 and only then did I see the small boyish face in the window. Not wanting to alarm him or any parents in the cafe with him and to make it quick, I set the device on the ground to get a low angle to highlight the main subjects of my interest, the bicycles (I have a thing for bikes). I couldn’t well see the display and shot two images, hoping for the best. Later at home infront of my big screen I was delighted to discover the boys face popping out of the image via the reflected tree silhouettes in the glass door. This changed way I reacted to the scene I had imagined to capture. What I saw made it better and I worked it a bit to focus the eye on only the boys face, his pensive look out into the rain and his bike …

Photography and the unexpected results/reactions never cease to amaze, surprise, delight and thrill me.


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